who we are

About Zeckro Web Solutions

When you are looking for top quality web design, you should always have a chance to learn something about the company you are dealing with.
Here at Zeckro, we are proud to have a team of award winning web design professionals. This includes experts that know how to create the perfect look and feel for your site as well as ones that can create interactive scripts that will enchant visitors. Therefore, when you are looking for good quality in combination with affordable website design, few other companies can provide you with our level of service.


Our Mission & Vision

“To be the best internet marketing agency in the UK by providing high quality,expert design and unparalleled value in every project that we undertake.”

Over the last number of years, we’ve seen many clients that have had all kinds of things they wanted to gain from a web presence. While many people were looking to start or enhance an existing business, we found that others had different goals.

For example, many people applying to college or looking for jobs now find that it is very important to have a website.

No matter whether these people were looking to showcase their talents, or simply provide more information about their background, each person and business cared about the following:

  • Affordable web design with a modern and attractive feel
  • A website that would rank well in the search engines
  • Easy to maintain
  • Match the format and functionality of other websites dedicated to the same niche or sector

Even though we are, and will always be able to carry out these tasks with a high level of excellence, we also felt that we should commit ourselves to going beyond meeting these needs.

At Zeckro Web Solutions, our mission is to ensure each client has the best possible web presence. This is why we will take the time to learn as much as possible about your specific needs, as well as how to provide an accurate picture of you and your endeavours.

Professional Services

We treat every client with respect, professionalism and integrity. We have an overriding commitment to help each client as much as we can and go that extra mile. This is why we are recommended and referred by our clients time after time

Experienced Team

We have all heard of the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none!”

That has never been more true than in the web design industry. There are too many designers out there that will try and do everything themselves, the design, development, seo, integration and so on. Here at Zeckro Web Solutions we have separate teams for every stage of the process. The first port of call for any new website is the design. Our design team take your ideas and turn their creative talents to designing a bespoke site design just for you and your business.

Business meeting in a modern office

Their bias is towards design for web rather than graphic designers bias towards print. The next step is the actual build or “development” of the design. The development team take these designs and create your website in a similar fashion as a builder takes an architects drawings and builds a house. Once the site has been built it is then passed to the search engine optimisation team, they work their magic and ensure both your on page seo and off page seo is done effectively to get your site ranked in google. Each team member specialises in his or her area of expertise. This is how we get the best from each person as they are immersed only in their specialist area and not diluted across all sections.