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Computers have enjoyed the luxury of being the most innovative and benefitting products for humans for quite some time now. However, the time has changed since 2007 and handheld devices have gone past computers in almost all aspects. Portability is the first thing mobiles provide to their users that cannot be provided by desktop computers. Even the laptops aren’t as portable as mobile phones and so more and more users are moving to these devices with time. This shift has compelled business owners with online websites to take decisions on whether they want to stick with the old approach and keep their old website designs or come up with a strategy to serve the population on mobile devices.

Smartphones are the thing today and will remain for some time in future.


A mobile website is created and optimized exclusively for smartphones and other feature phones that can run internet on them. These websites are designed in such a way that a smartphone user is able to see the website in its best shape on the small screen of his device. The large images and font size of websites designed for computers will force the smartphone user to scroll for ages for reaching one corner of the website from another. Mobile websites on the other hand are designed to facilitate the smartphone users and make life easier for them when they browse websites on their phones.



Zeckro has been designing websites for years now and our experience has taught us the best methods of creating websites for desktop computers and mobile devices. We have the professionals who will listen to your ideas and start creating your website from the scratch. We don’t need to resort to ready-made ideas. We know how we can design a website that best reflects your business on mobile devices. This way we ensure that your website facilitates more and more mobile users and gets more sales from the mobile devices than bulky computers.

You will also be happy to know that your chances of being ranked in top results on Google increase a great deal when you have a mobile website. Furthermore, including the click-to-call feature on your mobile website and feeding the data of your business location can be great ways of promoting your business. The mobile users will be notified when they are in the vicinity of your business location and they will get to know of the latest promotions or deals that are available from you. However, all of this is possible only when you let the right people take care of your mobile website and Zeckro is the best place for you to get started with a mobile website of your business.

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